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Is Bank Clerk Job Really Good Career Option?

Everyone wants a secure & safe job for their career. What can be better than a government job for them.

IBPS Bank Clerk is one of those government jobs which provides you safe career & security.


But as we all know that every job has some good & some bad points. The same case is with the Bank clerk job.

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Common friends, Let’s discuss it here “Is Bank Clerk Job Really Good Career Options?”


The Advantages of IBPS Bank Clerk Job

  • A job in a public-sector bank is usually treated with a high regard. Getting into a public-sector bank is not easy. Your reputation will be very high.
  • IBPS Clerk job is very easy. In this jobs you just work on computer for helping to customer. The salary will be high in Bank clerk jobs
  • IBPS Clerk Job has a good job with huge job security.

  • The clerk enjoys the facilities provided by the government pensions after the retirement, job security, allowances, low-interest loans and has the great opportunity to learn the work under his/her seniors.

  • If you are keen you could take department exams and get promoted as an officer and become a Manager, AGM and move up.

  • Postings are in your home state. So it is better career option for Girls.

  • Public sector banks have more number of holidays than you would expect in a private organization.

Growth in IBPS Clerk Job:

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Some Disadvantages of IBPS Bank Clerk Job

  • Clerks need to be little more attentive to your work because this job involves money and so a small mistake will actually cost you.
  • Bank sector is one of the hectic work place as there is a pressure to achieve targets.

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